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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I felt pretty nauseous after my crossfit workout, and then I realized that I'd done two yoga classes and a workout, and at 1pm in the afternoon I still hadn't eaten or drank anything. Stopped into the Asian Supermarket in Pleasantville and treated myself to some Vegetable Pho. MmMmMm Good! 

Whoa. Been having a challenging couple of days. Aside from being physically exhausted, I have been emotionally exhausted as well. My truck was dying, my Dad has been out of it, and my mom has been sick. And Mom being sick is what threw me off. She's like (as one fellow friend/reader once said) Elmers glue around here - holding us all together. So when she was crying the other day and defeated, well - it shook me a bit. I taught two yoga classes this morning and left feeling powerful and amazing. I got done a list of things that needed doing, and even bought myself a new car, a Toyota Prius. Damn, I feel like a Yuppie. But the gas mileage is much much much MUCH better than my Toyota Tacomas was, that's for SURE. I even managed to squeeze in a (much-needed) session with Dr.Adonis and a short CrossFit workout with Chris Paisley. Came home and made my family some dinner, cleaned up the house, picked tomatoes from the garden, and have some design work and yoga planning to do before getting some sleep. Thanks to all of my students who keep me inspired and filled up with love and light - and thanks to all of our family and friends who have been helping out so much with my Dad. 

Beep Beep. I'm a yuppie. 

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