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Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthdays Abroad

I haven't celebrated a birthday at home in several years. I'm really really really missing my vagabond winters, but it is nice to be home with my family during this time. Also, I have been BLESSED with an AMAZING community of yogi's (and yogini's) who have filled a huge void that was in my heart. Here's a reflection of the past several birthdays, and the amazing individuals that I celebrated with....

in Costa Rica

I hadn't told a soul that it was my 21st. I was in town all alone - my family had left and the two Norwegian girls Maja and Mari that I had been living with had left two days before. Apparently before they left they told our bartender. At sunset I got out of the water and mozied up to the bar in my bikini, still wet and salty. I ordered a coffee. I don't know why - I just had a hankering. Well I took a sip and was taken aback by the fact that it was half cafe rio (a coffee liquour!). Raj told me that I wasn't getting away without celebrating my birthday! Out came the balloons and bam - the celebration began and continued into the night. There was even a cake with candles!!

in Costa Rica

Back in Dominical for yet another birthday. My friend Taylor owns the popular bar in town, Que Nivel - and she sponsored by birthday...advertising for it all throughout town. Her friend, Costa Rican reggae musician NOAH offered to provide the entertainment and it was epic. Also, the following day my friend Callen had HIS birthday - so we had a joint celebration. His mom made an epic spread and we had a dinner party at the top of the hill in their beautiful home. Our friend Cassie even made handcrafted Lei's for us :)

Callen and Me :)
Noah, taking a break from singing to dance with me!
My local surf crew: Pepe, Ariel and Kevin.
My ladie loves in Domi :)

in Costa Rica
My friend Roni surprised me by organizing all of my friends in town, a bus, and a boat to an island - where there was lunch and ballons and all sorts of amazing shit!!! The celebration of a LIFETIME. To date, still the most amazing birthday!
My card from Mikey (he made them for me for all occassions)
Some of the ladies
Birthday Hats and Beers

in Thailand

My most recent birthday was in southeast Asia, in Chaing Mai, Thailand. I celebrated with TWO yoga classes in town and then headed out with my two favorite Dutch (Mick and Linda) for an epic celebration. We went to see a live Reggae band, and Mick had told them it was my birthday so the whole bar sang for me. Good times :)

Celebrating my 25th in Sri Lanka or New Zealand wouldn't be too shabby, but I'm super excited to be home with my family. I wonder where I'll ring it 26....

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