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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Riding the Rollercoaster.

The past 24 hours have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Before I went to bed my anxiety, emotions, and anger were probably at the highest point that they've ever been in the past few years. Moments before lying in bed, where I tossed and turned, I threw my cell phone at the floor with the force and intensity of 10,000 red hot burning suns. It was not the floors fault, or the phone, and this unproductive immature fit certainly didn't make me feel any better. Woke up a few hours later, overwhelmed with emotion. Surprisingly my phone still worked, and the floor was okay. I descended the stairs only to fall into my mom's arms and sob like a little girl. Those hysterical, dry-heaving sobs. I don't care how old you are, if you are sick or upset - you want your mother. Melted down, still overwhelmed with anger and sadness and just...fatigue. Emotional + physical fatigue. Run down. I decided last minute to go to Bill Soens's yoga class in Avalon - not sure if it was going to be a great idea or an awful idea. Well, it was amazing. Bill's class was invigorating physically and spiritually uplifting. I left feeling a bit better and I was able to shake some of the shit I'd woken up with. I physically felt lighter, I could actually breathe a full breath. I got home and my dad was awake from his nap and we were ready for his BIRTHDAY LUNCH. That's right - it's Dad's 53rd birthday!! I feel so lucky to spend this day with my dad, especially after the rough year that we've had. Spending time with my family, the day went from awful to better - and then when lunch was revealed {3 lobsters per person and corn on the cob...} the day went from better to great! My eyes were still swollen from crying and I wasn't too excited to head to work, but I showered up and headed in @ 2pm {Wednesday is my day to open at the restaurant}. I laughed with my girlfriends from work and was reminded that I am happy and fun and loved - don't let anyone ever tell you or make you feel any different. I left work having the BEST night that I'd ever had there financially, walking with $300! Holy shit. That's my flight to Costa. Now I'm at KatieD's, amazed that my day I'd chalked up to being doomed and depressing to now being an great day.

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