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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Women in Waves

Women in Waves:

Just got back from the showing of the Women in the Waves…and it was outstanding. I shed a few tears, burst out into laughter several times, and was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. If you have not seen this movie, go out and buy it. Not now – right now! There were some amazing surfers in the movie that Heather created, but one that really stood out was Zeuf. Zeuf is one of the women who has been here in Heaven with the group of California women. She has a crazy head of curly hair and a huge smile. Her and I have had a good connection and we’ve been enjoying our water time together the past few days. It wasn’t until I was watching Heather’s film that I discovered she had beaten breast cancer…TWICE and is currently battling bone cancer that has spread throughout her body. Her and her husband both were interviewed in the Women in the Waves, and both talked about how fighting cancer has given her a new appreciation for life: all aspects…small, big and inbetween. She talked about how you appreciate the color of the water at sunset, or the smell of the beach. Every day is a blessing. It really hit home with me and instantly brought up thoughts of my Dad. Some people don’t understand why I travel while my Dad is sick…but what makes him happiest is me enjoying life. I drink it up, every day. And keeping this blog is my way of sharing with him {as well as my mother and all of you} how exciting life is, every second. My parents were always lovers of life, but this battle has certainly given them, and me, a whole new perspective on the beauty of life. So, not only did I think that Zeuf was a kickass woman when we initially met, but after hearing about her strength and her journey – well, she’s simply amazing. I’m really enjoying my time here in Heaven, and I feel especially lucky to have strolled in during this window of time when such awesome people were in town. The universe has a funny way of filling you up with just what you need at just that moment. Pura Vida.

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  1. Live each moment to fullest my beautiful friend.