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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gorditas pero Bonitas.


Day 4 & 5:

Lourdes Bar & Grill has a great upstairs…all open, a few hammocks, overlooking the ocean. A perfect spot for a yoga class! SO, a few girls that I met in the water, Lourdes and I had a yoga class up in the airy loft. It was wonderful and relaxing and oh-so-necessary after my 5 hour super session earlier in the day. I came downstairs and the family that lives across the way was hanging out in the restaurant. I played some ping pong and then headed back to the families house to play some music. Miles plays guitar, and I joined in with my Martin. A few songs into our jam session, newbie in town, Scott, strolled over with his girlfriend. I’d heard he was a musician so I insisted he take my guitar and play a few tunes. Well…holy shit. Scott is somethin’ else. Picture Brett Dennan meets Mason Jennings meets Xavier Rudd – but with a unique voice and the most alive guitar playing that I’ve ever witnessed. MUY cool. After hearing him play, neither Miles nor me wanted to chime in – so we just sat in awe, listening to several of Scott’s outstanding original tunes. Headed to bed and awoke to the sound of waves – big waves…just outside my door. Made coffee and then JamD and I waited for the sun to rise so we could check out what mother nature had in store for us. Well, it was kinda messy and mixed up. We watched for two hours, waiting. Everyone that exited the water had the same thing to say, “Well, it’s just okay. Had one or two good ones but that’s about it.” Robert said it was nothing to write home about, so he cut his surf session short and sat with us. Made him some coffee, and his buddy Brad some tea with honey. It was their last day in town, and it was Brad’s property manager Beto that was going to drop them at the airport and let us tag along to stop at the ATM and the supermarket in Ixtapa. Woohooo! Beto is probably in his mid-thirties. Wife, one daughter, Mexican, and has lived in La Saladita his whole life. He speaks a tiny bit of English, but most of our conversations were just in Spanish. We dropped the men at the airport and then stopped off at Commercial, the huge supermarket. Jam and I loaded up, hit up the ATM and then were back on the road. Beto insisted we stop for lunch at POLLO FELIZ for the best chicken around. Well, I was muy feliz with my pollo at Pollo Feliz! The three of us split the Pollo Entero: a whole, huge roasted chicken. With it came a lip-smacking salsa, lettuce, pickled onions, limes and an endless supply of freshly cooked tortillas! The three of us ate until we were on the brink of exploding. Once again, I was so relieved to have worn stretchy shorts! We also had 2 beers, 2 bottles of water and one club soda. The grand total for the three of us to leave fat and happy: 150 pesos. That’s about $13. When the bill came I pulled out money to pick up the tab – afterall, Beto didn’t have to drive us all around, and he was doing us a HUGE favor {there is no supermarket or ATM within an hour of Saladita}. Beto was appalled that I had even THOUGHT of paying a dime, and he insisted on paying the tab. He said in Mexico the women NEVER pay. Never. Nunca. And that this situation was no different. All that I could do was to say thank you with a big smile and a full belly. I patted my stomach and said “Oyyy, GORDITA!” {Gorda is fat. Gordita is like saying little fatty or chubby girl}. He laughed and said in Mexico they have a saying “GORDITAS pero BONITAS” which directly translates to “Chubby girls but beautiful girls!”. They don’t want any skinny girls with flat asses around here! Haha. The whole lunch made me think of my parents: first of all because my Dad eats the shit outta chicken, it’s his favorite food – and second of all, because my Ma is a gordita too! Food coma the whole way home, and then Beto dropped us off at our front door with all of our groceries. Not much else to report. I think that tonight we are headed to Troncones to see a surf video at Present Moment, a huge yoga studio. The video they are playing is Women in Waves that was actually created by the woman Heather I’ve been mentioning in the blog. She’s been here with the group of women from California. I’m pretty excited, might even shower and slap on some earrings…

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