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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Days, Every Day.

Good times on the regular.

Since I've arrived in Encinitas I have met a gajillion cool people, surfed some super fun {chilly} waves, cooked up some good meals for me and Len, hung with Fat Cat and gone out for some fun, cocktail filled nights with the crew. Having wheels has made a huge difference on this trip for me - though I spend most of my day with Lenny it's nice to have the independence of going where I want whenever I please...I think that Lenny likes it too, that way I'm not tagging along with him all day. Every morning starts with coffee of course! This is then followed by a surf check - we either walk a few steps and peek at the closest beach entrance or hop in the truck and check a few spots. When we get back to the house I slice up a bit of fruit to munch on before we head out for a surf. The rest of the day is spent putzing: Lenny is retired for the most part, but he's a workaholic - so this 'retirement' is actually torture for him I think. He spends his time working on the motorcycles and researching investment properties online and several other business ventures. He is constantly moving, so the second that he's not doing business he is either

-playing tennis
-playing soccer
-going for a walk
-going for a run
-cruising on the bicycle
-taking the stand up paddleboard wayyyy offshore to the kelp beds
or anything else that you can think of that involves intense physical activity.

After coffee and the morning surf I spend my days eating, thinking about eating, cooking, thinking about cooking, or food shopping. There is some facebook there inbetween the food and more food, but conveniently enough the laptop I use is in the kitchen! I've also made a habit out of going to yoga class everyday, which has been delightful. Somewhere along the line I too participate in some form of physical activity - though not nearly as intense as what Lenny's on par with. I just go for a little stroll or a bike ride - but never too far. Yesterday {Saturday} was really fantastic. Woke up - morning routine {coffee, fruit, surf} and then we headed into town on bicycles for the Encinitas Street Fair.

It was more of the same stuff: unhealthy fair food {which is deeeelicious but not at all nutritious} and a bunch of stands selling the same things. We posted up at Beachside Bar and Grill...outside in the loveeely sun that finally decided to warm our hearts and faces. Met some MORE of Lenny's friends { by the way, he knows everyone} and was delighted at wonderful they were. Mia and Jesse were by far my favorites, and Jesse's equal passion for food made us instant friends. We spent the afternoon sitting in the sun, sipping on cocktails, and having intense conversations about salad dressings. We all cruised back to our friend Nick's house, who lives just a few houses down from us.

Old school, we pulled up some beach chairs around a table, drank beers and played cards. It was a blast. A legitimately wonderful time with some kickass people. I bowed out early to get my cook on: chili, curry apple salad, and a tossed green salad for later in the evening.

Apparently there was to be a huge fight on TV, so everyone was coming over to Lenny's to watch it! Aldo vs Faber. The fight was intense, the food was good, and the company was phenomenal. Len, Nick and I headed out to the Shanty afterwards, a little dive bar just around the corner. I was in my PJ's and only had one glass of wine. The boys were en fuego, playing intense rounds of fooseball.

We ended the night @ the Saloon where I met and fell in love with Erin. We made a yoga date for the next day to check out this studio Erin claims to be "the best". The boys had a good laugh that I picked up a girl at the bar {insert "ha ha" here, it's a joke} and then we all went home to bed. Woke up this morning and surfed Cardiff with the CHANNIN crew! Kevin, the shaper, was on the beach taking photos while his girlfriend Amanda and team rider {world champion} Kristy Murphy caught some waves with me. We had great chemistry in the water and out of the water the laughs were flowing. I was stoked to have met the creator of my favorite board, and Kevin was stoked to meet his biggest fan.

Passed some time hanging next door with Wallman, the neighbor and then hit yoga class this evening with Erin. Holy Christ Almighty - amazing. Aside from Michelle's classes back home, this was the best yoga class I've ever been to! I can't wait to go again tomorrow....and the day after, and the day after and the day after. Which reminds me - when am I heading home.....

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