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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have been LOVING yoga classes @ Yoga Swami's in the Yurt. I have met some genuinely outstanding human beings! One of these top notch people is Gray. We have been seated next to eachother in several classes and his energy is amazing. Erin {my lovely new friend who introduced me to yoga swami} introduced Gray and then proceeded to GUSH about how magical her BioSync session with him was. BioSync? What in the hell is BioSync? As soon as Erin started talking about it, several others in the classes chimed in - their faces lit up and their voices rose several octaves! My funds are dwindling, rather quickly, and as soon as Gray got the jist that I was interested by without cash he offered up a trade: a BioSync session for some of my good cookin'! The next day he picked me up at Lenny's, we went to Katie's yoga class together and then we headed back to his house. Even after experiencing BioSync I STILL struggle to put into words how magical it was. We started off just chatting..hanging out, Gray getting an idea of what's on my mind, where I've been, how I process things. He makes you an amazing Cacao smoothie with everything under the sun in it. Next I was put into some restorative yoga poses while Gray did some Tai Chi to work up his Chi {as he says "It's not me, It's the Chi!"}. Then there is a table, made specifically for BioSync work. The first hour was like a really intense deep tissue massage...with emphasis on steady, deep breaths - though it's not like yoga breath {in through the nose, out through the nose} it's in through the nose, out through the mouth. The second hour is where it gets really trippy. In BioSync they massage your internals - your organs. So, I laid on my back with my legs up and bent. I had crystals in my hands. I had an eye pillow on my face. And then Gray began to massage certain areas of my stomach. The stomach he said is where we process most emotions: 'sick to my stomach', 'so nervous, i have butterflies in my stomach', 'upset, can't eat'. He was finding knots in my he felt them, I have no idea - but when he touched them and said "here's a knot" he was spot on and I would wince at the pain. Once he finds a knot you take a big belly breath in, expanding the stomach. Then you exhale out of your mouth, a long intense exhale. You now relax as he massages the knot. Well, everyone I've met in Encinitas has had this done {for the most part} and they all talked about how uncontrollably, insanely emotional they became. I was wondering...what the hell were they talking about!? This was until he touched a spot about a half inch under my belly button. Instant tears...and I'm not talking little weepy tears - I'm talking hysterical crying. He talked me through the tears - working out what it may be about, etc. etc. The internal massage continued and then I laid in savasana for what felt like an eternity. When I took the eye pillow off I felt like a new a weight had been lifted, a weight that I didn't even knew existed until it was gone. Trippy shit! Finished our session with another round of smoothies and a chat about what in the hell just went down. I cooked up some curried zucchini and garbanzos and over the past few days I drop off a bit of whatever I made for Lenny and I. I might have another session before I leave...and I hope that everyone else looks into this bodywork, it's amazing.

Gray, hunting down ingredients for the smoothie.

Drink up!

Though I've been unable to put exactly into words "What" BioSync is...and though my friends have been unable to describe it - there is a website that attempts it:

What is BioSync?

BioSync, developed by Mark Lamm, is based upon the values, principles, and practices of natural health as well as deeply held spiritual and metaphysical world views. The term "BioSync" includes two essential components: "bio" - meaning life, and "sync" - meaning synchronicity or harmony --- embodying the belief that a healthy life possesses the ultimate balance between mind, body, and soul.

The BioSync method is both a physical and energetic form of somatic bodywork which has received international recognition for its remarkable success with a wide range of muscular and trauma-related challenges. BioSync combines diverse Eastern and Western methods of healing to free the body/mind of limitations and associated dysfunction which present as pain, limited range of motion, structural anomalies and soft-tissue injuries.

Who Would Benefit?

What do Meryl Streep, Orlando Bloom, Cher, Lee Iacocca, Sasha Cohen, Margaret Thatcher,
Miro, Willie Nelson, Sting, Travis Rice, John Travolta, John McEnroe and Madonna all have in common? They, like so many others, are involved in some form of bodywork or somatic therapy.

BioSync is for everyone, from those who have experienced physical injuries and emotional insults to those who feel the everyday effects of stress, as well as those who simply wish to experience living life to the fullest.

BioSync is an extraordinary alternative to drugs, surgery, rehab and living with pain. So, if you are an athlete experiencing a hamstring pull, a chronic pain patient suffering from a back injury, a business executive seeking a higher level of performance, parent/grandparents wanting to remain playful throughout life, a weekend warrior suffering with knee trouble, or simply seeking to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health all of these challenges respond quickly and dramatically to BioSync.

BioSync Philosophy

The human body is a walking history of a person’s life, containing “recordings” of events which are experienced from infancy onward. These recordings include memories of trauma, resulting from either physical, emotional, or psychological insult or injury. Sources of these stressors include:
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Acute macro-trauma or chronic micro-trauma
  • Accumulation of negative thoughts
  • Physical effects of aging

In my experience, working with hundreds of people over the last 40 years, I have found that traumas can literally freeze time in the body. We all know people who are still living the Holocaust, Vietnam, the death of a loved one or most currently the events of September 11th. Please, take a moment and answer these questions:

  • Are you caught in a time warp caused by a traumatic event(s) in your life?
  • Are you free to move through time not hindered by your past?
  • What emotional traumas are keeping you from truly experiencing a joyous life free from past grief and sorrow?
  • What physical traumas are preventing you from leading an active life free from injury and pain?

As we experience insults and injuries, we begin to store and stack emotional and physical traumas. We are not our traumas yet most people live their entire lives through insult and injury - through the filter of emotional and physical traumas.

Unfortunately, the trauma of insults and injuries whether physical, mental, or emotional if left alone create a continuing loop of dysfunction. These trauma patterns, when left untreated, can show up as adverse health manifestations that can be as mild as a pinched nerve, sore neck, trick knee, anxiousness and nervousness or as extreme as a major illness and until these patterns are released they can continue to dominate and rule our lives.

BioSync is a proactive and preventative way to address these challenges resulting in restorative and lasting wellness. BioSync provides the technology to transform and restore the body to its true potential.

BioSync Touch & Movement Principles

The BioSync Method is an elegant three-step process that releases soft tissue at the deepest level, permanently erasing trauma and dysfunction. At the purely physical level, BioSync focuses on trauma memory recorded and stored in the body. There are three general principles to the physical interventions of BioSync:
  • Penetration of soft tissue
  • Lengthening of tissue through manual traction
  • Unwinding of cross-liked connective tissue

Penetration is accomplished through direct physical contact, lengthening is done through manual traction, and unwinding via the consultant’s movement in a spiral fashion is unique to BioSync and is what differentiates it from other forms of bodywork such as deep-tissue sculpting, passive joint movement or assisted stretching with compressions.

In actuality, these three touch and movement principles are part of a whole approach, or a greater gestalt. The intuitive and energetic aspects of BioSync, however, are absolutely critical to its practice.

Through touch and movement the BioSync consultant connects energetically with the client where there are dysfunctions as well as an ideal vision of the client’s structure and function.

This is why BioSync is so unusual. It is a highly technical, structural work which requires a thorough knowledge of anatomy. However, the effectiveness of this work is greatly dependent on the strength of the consultant’s intuition, and on the energetic connection between client and consultant.

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