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Monday, February 15, 2010

You Can't WIPE This Smile Off My FACE.

Yesterday was Valentines Day...and the day after Mardi Gras. I laughed and laughed all day long as I remembered bits and pieces of the day and night before. I woke up a bit hungover and my ear infection was getting worse. Headed to La Sirena for some coffee with Jeni and Brett and then came down to the beach and bumped into Sean & Roni, Suzie, Pat and the rest of town. Everyone was feeling a bit hungover, and within two minutes Carlos (the Pipa guy) was sold out of coconuts. We all know that agua de pipa is a hangover cure...and I had two. I surfed for several hours, which was an awful idea given that it made my ear infection about ten times more painful. Bah. But it was a nice day of hanging out at the beach with this lovely town, laughing with old friends and chatting with the new ones. For Valentine's Day I went to Tsunami Sushi with Suzie and Pat. Shawnie had emailed Pat asking her to take me out to Tsunami and that he would pick up the tab! So sweet :) To our lucky surprise, there was a BAND playing!! Their name was "Mouse in the Toaster", a bit random, but they sounded AMAZING. We bopped our heads and tapped our feet all through dinner. Suze and I ate Sushi and Pat ordered the "fish of the day". To top it off we stopped at Pat's favorite italian ice cream place and then taxi'ed it home. I went to bed with a huge smile on my face, STILL riding high off the previous day. Life is GOOD. Taught a wonderful yoga session this morning - going home to nap now and then JAMIE D arrives this evening!! IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!

Here's some photos from Mardi Gras (I didn't bring my camera, so photos will be flowing in randomly over the next two weeks as friends email me their photos)
Dancing in the POURING RAIN. Bridgette and Pat.
Mid afternoon- Post Parade...cocktail time!
Dance. Dance. Dance. The party doesn't stop.
Two favorite hombres en Oeste: Cory and Newman. Decorating the cart.

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  1. Miss you like crazy you beautiful, tan baby!!! xoxo julisa