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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Warning..Run For VAGOS!

Well, JamD is in Panama with Scott. Lara and Sarah returned to Dominical, and when Sarah returns to the States, Potato will come back to Oeste. We moved into Scott's place for 4 days while they are away - and then Jam, Shawn and me are moving into a SWEET house on Canada Hill for the month of March! Three bedroom, pool and a beautiful breeze. The other morning there was a TSUNAMI WARNING, so we hauled ass up to Vago's house on the hill - woke him up - he was all like "whoa, whats going on" hahaha. Hung out, realized that there was no tsunami and then retreated back down the hill. Hopped a ride with Brett to Jaco, did some girly dress/bathingsuit/yoga pant shoppin with Sharonie and then headed back to Oeste. Been drinking and eating and loving life. I never want to leave. Mom and Dad - come visit. Pura Vida.

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