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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Bah. I woke up this morning with mud on my feet, sparkles all over my body, and a huge smile on my face. Even Newman had sparkles all over him.

Suzie and I woke up in the morning and packed PB's + Banana + Honey sandwiches, pineapple and the works for makin cocktails. I loaded up a bag with a change of clothes, sunscreen, bugspray, an extra bathingsuit and some dinero. Newman, Suz and me hopped on the golfcart and headed down to Mardi Gras central where the chaos was already full swing. Cars were pouring into town, bus loads of people, there was streamers and glitter and mayhem everywhere. I washed Adam's golf cart and began decorating it with the help of my little local buddy, Cory. We taped up signs for my passengers: the King and Queen (Vago and Margoth), and the MAYOR of PARRITA! I dressed up Newman in a velvet cape and the already-flashy golf cart was pimped to perfection. The parade started down at Barrilito and goddamn was it PARADE! There were two marching bands, a motorcycle gang and floats galor. There were gringos and ticos and BEADS being thrown in every which direction. We paraded all through town and then it ended right out front of Vago's and Lowtide. Surf was FIRING, like perfect, fast, heavy overhead firing. SO - I ditched my glitter and glamour, dropped Newman off at the house, and then headed for the waves. Got my ass kicked a few times, but also had some super fun waves. The rest of the day was a blur of more glitter, lots of music, and food. I went home to feed Newman dinner and exchange the golf cart for the truck, and as I was pulling down the hill it began to pour. ANOTHER rainy season rain. The skies opened up and it did.not.stop. There was a live band at Lowtide, the Chupacabras and despite the rain they played on. We were packed like sardines all trying to stay somewhat dry, and at some point in time somebody said "fuck it" and they left the cramped but dry oasis for a muddy, grassy, RAINY dancefloor. So we danced. In the rain. Like it was our last day on earth! Everyone was just laughing and dancing and glittering. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, dancing, dancing, drinking too much and laughing way too hard. It was a great night with wonderful friends in this magical little town. Pura Vida. Mardi Gras 2010.

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