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Friday, February 19, 2010


My face hurts...from smiling so much.
My voice is gone...from laughing so hard.
Goddamn, JamieD....I'm so glad you are here.
We are hanging down the beach the other day, all dressed up for Ladies Night in Hermosa, when this guy pulls up on a huge dirtbike. Jamie gets a big smile on her face and says "whoop whoop - i used to race dirtbikes when i was a kid". I asked if the guy wouldn't mind if Jam took it for a spin, and he had no problem with it. Everyone at the beach was checkin out JD when she hopped on the bike, revved the engine and then drove off down the dirt road. She came back, did a slow turn and we thought she was done - but then she peeeeeeels out and SPEEDS off down the street, in her little plaid onesie. Ha. Later that night, Party Brooke, Jam and me head to Ladies Night at the Backyard, where they are also celebrating the owners birthday with a mechanical bull. We didn't ride the bull, but we did dance. All the ticas dressed up, sexed up, dancing like lil hooker mamas, and Jamie is out on the dance floor doing the sprinkler, rollin up the windows, rollin the dice, and every other kind of random dance. It was hysterical. This morning we surfed Este, a bit fast and heavy but super fun. Jamie takes off on a huge closeout wave, and while shes paddling for it she yells my dad's famous line "LEFT RIGHT!!!!". She totally ate shit, came up laughing and was like "Dude, I went left right. My board went left and my body went right". Like I said, my face hurts from smiling and my voice is hoarse from laughing so much. Today we are heading to Dominical for a few days, going to stay at Billys and meet up with Doctor Potato who arrives on Saturday night. Bah, let the mayhem begin. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Pura Vida.

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