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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Call Me Jellybean.

Every day is so eventful, I'm exhausted from my daily life which is like a never-ending-glorious-vacation. Anyways... made some Mardi Gras decorations at Bridgette's house with all of the lovely ladies in town. Newman was DYING because he wasn't allowed in the pool, and since it was his designated "bath day" I figured that I'd treat him and bring him down to the beach. Him and I swam for nearly a half hour before heading back to the house. I hurried to get ready for my hot date with Jeni. She keeps paying for my drinks at the bar, so I told her to pick a nice restaurant and I was going to take her out! We went to Pili Pili in Jaco and it was AMAZING. We shared everything, starting with a tomato and anchovie salad followed by octopus carpaccio and the final course being mussels with french fries!! We ended on a delightful, creamy creme brulee and I sipped an espresso - all the wine and eating had made me sleepy! We decided to keep the night alive and go out to "Ladie's Night" @ the Backyard in Hermosa. Free drinks...guaro and fresca. Gag. Instant hangover. Silly me, I had two. We danced and laughed and had an amazing time. Got home later than I had hoped and woke up earlier than expected the next morning --- cursing my "free drinks" from Backyard. Newman found me a good coconut the other day, and I was determined to use my new machete. I also figured that it was a perfect hangover cure. Well, the machete is more dull than a damn butter knife. Newman watched me intently as I sawed away at this friggin' coconut with a kitchen knife for the the following half hour. Finally, drenched in sweat and feeling the hangover creeping in, I got to the agua de pipa!! Que Bueno! Headed down the hill for a muy tranquilo surf session - super small, super long peelers, super glassy --- and the water was so clear you could see to China! My truck magically passed inspection, a price that I was bound to pay heavy for - so Brett took Susie, Jeff, Sharon and I into Parrita to pick it up. Back at the beach now and had Newman playing for a good time - he is tuckered out and bound to sleep like a rock. Have a catering gig in Herradura tomorrow at 5 in the am, so it's going to be a lazy evening. Having everyone over for a big salad and GRILLED CHEESE. Pura vida.

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