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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


JammieD is in da houseeee!!!
Muy excited.

Hoooray! Jamie was supposed to arrive in Oeste on Feb 7th, but the morning of her flight there was about 3 feet of snow on the ground and clearly the flight was canceled. She managed to snag a flight out on the 15th, and thankfully the snow held off long enough for her to get to paradise. I was out surfing when she arrived, the waves were some of the best Oeste has seen all season. Fast, heavy, clean and just perfect. She was exhausted though, so she hung out on the beach with Suz and Newman. We decided to have a tranquilo night - bought some red snapper and I made salad, sauteed fish and rice. It was 7:30 when we laid down for bed, and by 7:45 we were fast asleep. Poor Jam, I woke her up at 5am the next morning -- welcome to my schedule! I had coffee ready for her, fed Newman and then we hauled ass down the hill the beach. We surfed some beautiful chest high waves on baby reef..mellow, long peelers When I got out of the water, my friend Tigre had a watermelon waiting for me (his father owns a finca in Quepos where he has been working this past week harvesting the fruits). Headed back to the house for some muy dulce sandia, pina y payaya, a second cup of coffee and some mellow musicia. I sold JamD on the whole 'health benefits of agua de pipa' (see posts below) so we hopped back in the truck, headed back to the beach, and Carlos had some pipas waiting for us. We sat and sipped and spoke spanish. Carlos gave Jam a lesson with the machete and how to slice them open. Well, she was not a natural but with practice she went from what Flaco called "Ceviche de Pipa!" to a beautifully sliced open pipa. I think it was the sound effects that really helped her in the end "Hiiiii-YA" "Chhiii-POW!!". We returned to the house for some R&R, napping for a solid hour. So essential. I had asked Carlos earlier in the day if he wouldn't mind sharpening my dull, dead machete - so when we headed down to the beach for a surf check we brought along the machete, as well as all the makings for Rum & Gingerales just incase the surf was no bueno. Well, the surf was no bueno. Jam mixed us up some cocktails and everyone in town sat at the shoreline, watching the waves and chatting. Carlos was pretty drunk, but after an hour had managed to sharpen my machete and only get two cuts! Bah! He said that my machete was so dull that it needed to be sharpened on a certain rock , so the main Pipa man let me take HIS machete so we could open our pipas en la manana and we would switch back in the morning. Wooooohooooo!!! Last night we cocktailed away, ate burgers and hotdogs at Brett's with the crew - and then stayed up too late having one too many brewskies with Scott. The alarm went off at 5, and by 20after Jamie was awake and had coffee in hand. She machete'd our pipa's open in three swift WHACKS and after we downed our pipas we were off to the beach. Swell was not really there and the tide was too full - AND all the air was out of my back tire, AGAIN. SO, we took turns with the bicycle pump....slowly filling up my tire. We tossed in our boards, stopped at the gas station for some extra air, and then had a brief but fun surf session in Bejuco. We arrived back in Oeste to a low tide, but fun waves. So, we surfed again! Returned to the house for some fresh fruit and fish tacos, and then scooped up Newman and the computer, headed back to the beach. Jamie says that she thinks that she can get used to this schedule. And you know what, I don't think that it's going to be that tough to adjust to....Pura Vida.

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