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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

En Fuego

Last night Noah came over and him, susie and I had coconut curry with mini-meatballs. I was a bit buzzed from the tasty mojitos, but managed to throw together a slammin' dinner. We all licked our plates and then had some caramel for dessert that susan had purchased during he recent rondevousz in the mountains. Went to bed last night with Newman in bed with me and my machete alongside the bed. Susan was in the room next door, and still I had trouble sleeping through the night. I'm scared of everything. The dark, spiders, crocodiles, large fish, sharks, heights, etc. etc. I overcome these fears, but I am terrified none-the-less. Woke up at 4:30 in the morning and was wide awake - WIDE awake. I figured that I should just get up instead of tossing and turning, so I laid out my yoga mat, threw on some headphones and did yoga. I started out with the new hip opening routine that Michelle had posted on her blog and I felt AMAZING. Made some Bialetti, threw the coconut for Newman and fed him some breakfast and then started my dissent down the hill. Power-walked the 15minute route to the beach, and drenched in sweat I decided to paddle out. The water was super glassy and refreshing, the Soda Mary crew out - and the waves were about knee high peelers...allllll the way to the beach. Took a few waves before running back to the Soda, rinsing off, eating some Poopaya, calling my dad on Skype and now getting ready to jet out the door to go to Jaco. EN FUEGO. I'm on a roll, let's hope I can keep this going throughout the day. Later - cocktails and Mardi Gras up at Bridgettes. We are crafting and gluing and drinking and laughing and decorating our bikes for the upcoming celebration. Pura Vida.

As Shawn would say, I woke up this morning totally "en fuego".

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