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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cailin the Caterer.

Beers @ the beach, in the golf cart, followed by the best grilled cheese's ever and a huge salad. Whole wheat bread, two kinds of cheese with sliced tomato, onion, avocado and bacon. MmMm. Went to bed super early hoping to be well-rested for my early-morning-gig. Alarm went off at 3:50am, I brushed my teeth, put up my hair, threw on some black clothes and fed a very confused Newman a very early breakfast. I was out the door a little after 4 with my headlamp on and machete in hand, hopped into the '73 Cruiser and was off for Herradura. Me and the truck made it to Los Suenos all in one piece, taking about 45minutes (it would take a normal car probably about 30 minutes...). I met Cynthia, the Tica chef I was to be working with, and we were dropped off at a beautiful mansion to cater breakfast. Cynthia had done lots of prep and quickly began cooking in the kitchen. I brewed coffee, laid out plates, silverware, coffee dishes, juice, etc. etc. Shortly after we arrived at 5am the guests began to rise. About 20 people from the South, heading out around 7am for a full day of fishing. The women were done up - hair, makeup and high heels. Some of the guys cracked open Coors Lights, and it was always "Excuse me Ma'am" and "Thank you Ma'am" and "Pardon me Ma'am, but where do ya'll keep the Kahlua?". By 6:30 everyone was out the door and by 6:45am we were finished. Cynthia and I had cleaned up breakfast, loaded the DISHWASHERS (so exciting!! a DISHWASHER in COSTA RICA!!), and then our boss, JimmyT, came to pick us up. This home was THE most BEAUTIFUL home that I have ever seen. If I rallied every single person that I know, I could MAYBE fill up the breathtaking infinity pool. There was a perfectly groomed courtyard in the center of the home and everything was just right. I was "oooooo"ing and "ahhhhhh"ing about the house to Cynthia and she laughed, saying that this was one of the smaller homes in Los Suenos. Oh me, oh my. Hopefully some of these people love Yoga and are in need of a personal instructor....! Cynthia is lovely, and I was very glad to have my first experience with her. She is married to Cesar, a pastry chef. They have a 10 year old daughter, Daniela - who dreams of being a rockstar and who's favorite band is Black Sabbath. They live in San Jose - but have an apartment in Quebrada, where they stay for 3 to 4 days at a time when they work for Jimmy. Cynthia went to Chef school and learned all about cooking, wine, cheese, pairing...everything! She owns her own catering business with her husband in San Jose and though she specializes in almost every cuisine, her favorite style to cook is ASIAN! She loves stir fry's and currys and fried rice dishes! She is stunningly beautiful, patient with my Spanish, and is going to be a great working partner. Hopped in my truck and was home just in time to grab a beautiful hour long surf session out front! The waves were tiny, but it looks as if we are going to have a swell filling in within the next few days. Heading back up to the house now to spend some quality time with my main man Newman. I owe him a few coconut tosses down the hill and a good belly rub. Pura Vida.

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