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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Agua de Pipa, The Fluid of Life.

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts, not to be confused with coconut milk. As the fruit matures, the coconut water gradually is replaced by the coconut meat and air. A very young coconut has very little meat, and the meat is very tender, almost a gel. Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics, especially in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands like Hawaii and the Caribbean, where it is available fresh, canned or bottled. It is naturally fat free and low in food energy.Coconuts for drinking are carefully packaged and sold in many places. These are typically Asian coconuts whose outer green husk has been removed, and the remainder wrapped in plastic. In Central America, particularly in Costa Rica and Panama, it is found and sold in strategic highway stops or on the beaches; there, the coconut water is called "agua de pipa", and the coconut is cut in front of the customer to ensure its freshness.

Coconut water is the only natural substance that can be injected into the human blood stream as an intravenous fluid. In fact, it is even used in some developing countries in lieu of medical saline. A cup-full is low in calories, contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks and has more potassium than a banana.

Besides athletes, why do people need all that potassium? Aside from preventing muscle cramps, potassium has a slew of other health benefits for the body and mind. The Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center for Optimum Health cites several studies that associate increased potassium intake with decreased risk of stroke, higher bone density in premenopausal, perimenopausal, postmenopausal women and elderly men, the prevention of kidney stones and the lowering of blood pressure.

Other recent studies explore the relationship of potassium and the brain. Can potassium compete with Prozac? Yes, potassium has been shown to help with PMS and mood disorders with symptoms such as irritability, fatigue and confusion. Depression, for instance, can result in potassium deficiency and acute anxiety. So, is a serving of coconut juice the answer to all of our ailments? Certainly not, and, as with most natural remedies, the FDA is far from supporting any health claims.

So try for yourself, next time you have a tension headache or worked out really hard or are feeling cranky from PMS. The water fresh from a just-cracked coconut tastes sweeter, richer and denser, but the available packed choices from ZICO and Vita Coco are really good.

Health Benefits — Coconut Water:

contains high-levels of potassium
- the only natural substance that can be injected into the human blood stream as an intravenous fluid
- contains more electrolytes than most sports drink
- low in calories

Here is a clinical analysis of coconut water calories in (one cup) 240 gm of coconut water. The amount of various main nutrients is given in grams. The calories in coconut water of this quantity are only 46, out of which only 4g comes from fat! Coconut water obviously is made up of more than 95% water! I mention only the nutrients which are high by proportion here.

Nutrient Weight Fraction(gm)
Total Fat 0.5
Sodium 252 mg
Carbohydrates 8.9 gm
Protein 1.7 gm

Health Value of Coconut Water
Coconut water is one of the most pure and unadulterated drinks you could ever have, as it is sealed airtight by nature. You need not be worried about coconut water calories, as the amount of benefits you get from it far outnumber its calorie count! Here are some of the important coconut water health benefits.
  • The best thing about coconut water is, that it contains zero cholesterol! It contains minerals like calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium! It also contains vitamins like Riboflavin, Thiamine and Vitamin C . All these nutrients make coconut a very potent health drink. It is more nutritious than milk, as it has less fats and no cholesterol.
  • Coconut water is better than many processed baby milk products, as it contains lauric acid which is an important ingredient of mother's milk.
  • Coconut water is used as intravenous saline fluid in many developing countries and has saved many lives! The reason that its possible to be used that way is its composition, which is quite identical to human blood plasma!
  • Coconut water can effectively treat disturbance of the intestine in infants. It can be also used as a oral rehydrant in cases of dehydration in children. Coconut oil is also a versatile type of oil, with a variety of medicinal properties.
  • Coconut water, by its very nature is an isotonic beverage. That is, it has the perfect balance of electrolytes in it, which is good for our body due to its right pH levels.
  • It is an excellent energy drink for the old and the sick, who find it difficult to process solid food. It is a natural fluid designed to sustain life! Read more on benefits of coconut water.
All these health benefits bear testimony to the versatility of coconut water as a natural health drink. Hope this article has served its purpose and has not only given you information about coconut water calories, but also intrigued you to taste this natural drink! Try and make it a regular part of your diet, as it is a natural elixir of life!

There are many health benefits of drinking coconut water. It helps in relieving problems related to the urinary tract, intestines and kidneys. Coconut water helps cure urinary problems such as polyutra and strangury. It also helps in improving digestion and killing intestinal worms if taken along with a teaspoonful of olive oil, continuously for three days. Coconut water relieves the intestines of harmful toxins. It also acts as a carminative, thereby relieving the gas in the alimentary canal. Doctors recommend patients afflicted with kidney stones, to drink coconut water in addition to regular medications. Coconut water facilitates the disintegration of kidney stones and their easy passage out of the body. Monolaurin, a chemical present in coconut water, has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Thus, it is used to kill pathogens such as cytomegalovirus and the Herpes virus. It is also used to reduce vomiting in patients suffering from typhoid and malaria. Coconut water is also used in blood transfusion, since it has properties that are similar to blood plasma. It is also used as a substitute to the standard fluid IV for intravenous hydration.

Along with the above mentioned uses, coconut water provides the following benefits.
  • Coconut water raises the level of metabolism in the body.
  • Since coconut water is isotonic in nature, it is used in rehydrating the body.
  • It helps boost the blood circulation and maintains the pH of body fluids.
  • Intake of coconut water keeps a tab on weight gain and also helps control diabetes.
  • Coconut water is considered to be more beneficial than milk and orange juice. It doesn't contain the fats and cholesterol present in milk. The excess calories found in orange juice too are absent in coconut water.
  • It is also used to get rid of the swelling present in hands and legs.
  • Can help stop sugar and alcohol cravings.
  • Aids digestion of all foods.
  • Has a toning affect on the intestines, even flattening the abdomen!
  • Maintain youthful skin, with many people reporting a better complexion. Additionally, you may notice brown age spots on the skin fading away -- and skin tags, moles or warts drying up and disappearing.
  • Contains high levels of valuable minerals, including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which explains why hair, skin and mails become stronger and have a prettier shine.
  • Appears to have a beneficial cleansing effect on the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary and ovaries). Women find their periods are cleaner and healthier and some who had experienced early menopause have found this important monthly cleansing returning again.
  • Increases energy and gives you an overall feeling of health.
  • Beneficial for dehydration and hangovers.


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