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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yo Regreso para DOMINICAL.

Hey Hey Hey. SO, after a huge thanksgiving feast @ El Vago I rolled myself back to the Soda and somehow managed to surf...and have a great session. It was early to bed that Pat's, even though I had Annes, cause I was a little scared of the dark - it being a new place and all! PLUS, I definitely wanted to spend my Thanksgiving with Pat, silly to sleep all alone in my new casita. The next morning I woke up early, packed a bag for Dominical (did I mention that I STILL have yet to unpack my Ecuador bag?!?) and trekked down the hill to the Soda. Noah, (Atenas) John and I were hopping in John's car for a 3 day trip to Dominical. John had never been and I was glad to be able to show him around my old stomping grounds. The bumpy, awful 3 hour drive was an hour and a half of smooth sailing on pavement!!! What a WONDERFUL surprise!! We were arrived in no-time and set up camp @ Tortilla Flats....20 bucks a night for the 3 of us, right on the beach. We surfed some not-so-great-waves and then I was sound asleep by 630pm. Seriously. I woke up the next morning at 6am. Did some yoga, had coffee and gallo pinto at my favorite SODA NANYOA with John, and then we headed up to Billy's house. The boys were obviously blown away by the beauty of Bill's oasis, but still wanted to go for a surf in the (crappy) waves in Dominical. I opted to hang at Bill's and head over with him to Jeff and Kris's house while he worked on their car. I played with their dog rita, read my Yoga magazine, and shot the shit with Jeff...comparing our Ecuador/Galapagos stories (he was there in the 70's.....). Met up with the boys later at Billy's and I made us a big dinner: a nice salad, linguine with homemade sauce, bread and roasted garlic in olive oil. We had OREJAS for dessert. You are going to hear a ton about Oreja' I'll prep you. "Oreja" means EAR. This dessert is just flour, sugar and honey but holy christ it's delicious...and it somewhat resembles an ear. Anyways, having slept for 12 hours the night before, I was ready for a night out...and hoping to see some old friends. The 3 of us went to Que Nivel, my friend Taylor's bar, and hung out with the good to catch up over a few beers. And though we said we weren't going to go to the disco, Roca Verde, at midnight John and I were hopping in the cab en route for some dancing!!! We got home a little after 2 am, woke up Noah - pissed off Noah...both the boys went to sleep, and continually ripped awful farts from then until 8am that morning. Our last day in town, today, was the most successful surf day. It was windy, but the waves were fun and fast and a decent size. I said goodbye to all my friends and then hopped back in the car, back to Esterillos. Rolled into town, stopped at El Vago, had a club soda and some gratis Chicheronnes and then up to my little casita to FINALLY unpack and do some fucking laundry!!! BAH. Tonight I'm headin to Cameron's for dinner...he's making a pineapple curry, and then tomorrow Adam and I pick up Shawnie at the airport. VaVaVOOOOM.

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