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Monday, November 2, 2009

Ecuador Day 2

Day 1 Cntd: Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Phenomenal- and its only just begun! We are truly staying in a great place - Secret Garden is wonderful...attracting open-minded, adventure-seeking people with a passion for travel. Within the house we arrived I hopped on their internet - Pat took a nap, and then I hung out on our terrace with an EPIC view of the whole city. Met lifelong friend number 1: LOU. Lou is 62, from Seattle, XRay technician 20 hrs a week, avid gardener, and a WORLD traveler. He cherishes the magical land of INDIA and has traveled places high and far and unheard of. Loves food, and lucky for pat and I, CONVERSATION! The 3 of us went out for dinner and had an amazing time. I had an Ecuadorian classic...a big bowl for potato based coup with garlic and avocado. Delicious. Walked to the restaurant, but took a taxi home - still thrown off by this cold weather. Hostel 5th floor terrace was jam packed with people - had a glass of wine, sat by the wheelbarrow fire, soaked up some warmth and indulged in some more conversation, and at 845pm I´m now calling it a night. Tomorrow is Coca - no more Cuyabeno. We will see the Amazon, just wont be spending 2 days to travel there and back. Lou was the one who mentioned Coca, and I actually think we´ll be traveling together! I love it. Goodnight.

Day 2: Slept so-so...still having some serious ear infection problems. Oh well. Woke ice ice ice cold showers so I opted to stay greazy. It´s way too cold up here in Quito to take a cold shower. Later today we are catching a flight to Coca...bought a half hour flight for 50 bucks. Not bad...saving ourselves from an 8 hour busride. Looking forward to being in some warmer weather, and seeing the amazon! Had breakfast at the hostel this morning for 3.50. Not bad...juice, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, and french toast with chocolate syrup. Oh yes, and rolls with butter and jam! MMM. I´ve made quick friends with Lou from Seattle, John from New York, and Rafael from India. All are life long travelers who I´m sure I will cross paths with atleast one more time before I leave ECuador. Pat and I are going to cruise around town today...get a REAL CUP of coffee (everything around here is instant!! ewww), grab some fresh juice, and then visit the bontanical gardens (over 1000 species of orchids!) as well as a BUG museuM! woohooo.

Hopefully we can get some internet in the amazon, and after the amazon I hope to finally be able to post some photos!!


  1. Thank you so much for blogging about your trip. I was sitting at El Vago today having a beer with Brett and said outloud that I wondered what you and Pat were doing right now. Brett reminded me you had a blog, and that you had already been posting! Woo hoo! So glad you're having a great time already!

    <3 Kate in EO

  2. You dirty clammer kid!

  3. my wife was in there 2 years ago. she couldn't find good coffee anywhere. her only complaint.