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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ecuador Day 13

Yesterday, day 12...after the internet cafe Pat and I cruised around our new town. It was really muddy and beginning to rain again. This town kindof reminds me of Dominical...very young, bohemian with a bunch of people who came here for vacation and just never left. Anyways, Pat and I shared some nachos and a few beers. Electricity was out, AGAIN, so a shower was out of the question. While we were finishing up our food we heard bongo drums coming from down the street...and soon thereafter we saw someone throwing fire. So, LA CUENTA and we were off. A crowd quickly gathered and then the party was moved to the bar inside. There was 3 drummers...Jorge on congas, a dreaded guy on the djembe, and someone on kit. It was AMAZING. Plus, we had a guy throwing fire and dancing around. Very cool, very entertaining. Like every other town we have been in while in Ecuador, everyone here is super friendly. Pat went off to bed and I opted to stay...our room is so close to the bar I would have been laying in bed listening to the commotion, so I just decided to ADD to the commotion. In between the drum sessions there was a great DJ which was nice. I mostly just listened and chatted with a few people. I ended up talking with Jorge, the conga player, and when he discovered that I was a musician he INSISTED that I play with them the following night. A group of us went outside and a jam session was started up....I learned how to play some salsa music as well as Buena Vista Social Clubs CHAN CHAN!!!! WOohooo. Went to bed around 2am and the party raged on outside til about 430. This town is definitely the opposite of Banos, where everything closes at 8pm. Woke up this morning and yogaed on our great front porch. I didn't get started until 8am, but thats okay..everyone was still asleep!! Pat and I had breakfast and then walked down the beach to check the waves. Though it is still raining and overcast and somewhat chilly, I figured that I should try to get in a surf session while I'm here. Waves looked about chest high and kinda fun, so I rented the best board that was available in town... a 9 foot balsa board, a shape that I would never ride but was the best available. Turns out that the board wasn't too shabby, it was actually a little fun! After one wave the head honcho in the water yelled to me "Benga BENGA" I paddled over to him. He introduced me to everyone in the water and told everyone not to drop in on me and to give me a wave if I wanted it. Not bad for my first session out there on a new board. Surfed for 2 hours until my lips were purple and I was covered in goosebumps. The electricity was back on so I hit up the ATM and took a HOT HOT SCOLDING HOT shower...delightful. Pat is out and about trying to find someplace that gives pedicures...I wish her luck. I'm interneting now and then Im going to lay on the hammock on my porch and take a nap. All this fun is making me tired. Tomorrow at 4am, Bisete picks up us out front of the hostal and we are off for the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 days in Paradise. Pura Vida.

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  1. my pookie... i cant wait to here chan chan...i will do vocals....i love you so much..have dad