not all who wander are lost.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ecuador Day 1

Went to Halloween party - felt lame because i didnt have a costume - played music to compensate. drank one beer - ate more food - vowed to be on a diet the following day. went home early, straight to bed, up at 330am - shower and coffee. one poo - shoulda taken 2. mikey took pat and me to bus in jaco, en route to san jose. an hour into the ride - wishing id taken 2nd trip to el bano before leaving. 2 hrs into the ride, ready to vomit, really regretting solo poo @ 4am. enough about poo. arrive @ san jose intl airport - straight to the bathroom - pay departure fee, get boarding pass. pat and i head straight to cinnabon. devour very large cinnabon, consumed with guilt, opt to start diet tomorrow. good thing i´m wearing stretch pants. buy 10 dollar calling card - call family. ear is still infected - treating it with antibiotics - hoping it clears up cause this shits getting old. boarding time. we come.

note to self: always fly TACA. flight is one hour, 45 minutes: we get a beverage, a movie, complimentary headphones, and lunch: ham and cheese empanada, salad and a brownie!!!! woohoooo. arrive in san jose, grab a taxi to head to ´safari tours´to square up our galapagos trip, make sure that they are legit, and taxi driver cant find the place. note to readers: addresses in ecuador are completely fucked. they make zero sense. literally. im lost. as was our driver. they have old addresses, new addresses, letters, numbers and mass confusion. anyways...we head to lonely planet recommended SECRET GARDEN hostel. its cute. like a fort. lots of young europeans. they have internet here which is nice. we have to pay but its cheap. free coffee and tea too!! woohooo. pat is lying down getting some rest and im blogging away, trying to hold my eyes open and craving some coffee. miss mom, dad, shawn, and dogs. miss esterillos already. looking forward to amazon, banos, tena, and galapagos. looking forward to dinner tonight. stoked stoked stoked. by the way - its cold in the capital of ecuador. like hat and long pants and jacket and scarf cold. check out is @ 10am tomorrow but they let you store your backpacks here if youd like. very nice. thats all for now. hasta luego.