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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zen and Finches.

"Feel great,
act great,
and be great."
--Yogi Tea, Green Chai teabag

Whirlwind. I feel like this past fun-filled, action-packed week in California happened in the blink of an eye. Last night I arrived back in Philly around midnight, and I was up this morning and riding my bike down the street to yoga. Right back into my south jers routine. Over the next few days I will blog about Cali, and post some more photos, but today I'm leaving you with this one. I just made myself some Green Chai tea, Yogi Tea brand, which I love because the little tags always have some wisdom written on them. Todays said "Feel great, act great, and be great"...and I think that just about sums up my life, and especially my trip to California. Here are my two friends, Sarah and Christina, getting ready for my yoga class in Cali. We held our sess out on the patio and let the tiny chirping Finches be our background music. It was such a beautiful morning, which led into a wonderful day. Namaste was great.

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