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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I told the doctor that I was going to Ecuador for 3.5 weeks. I left with three shots in my right arm, one in my left, and two prescriptions for 2 different types of malaria {one for ecuador, one for costa}. The right arm received typhoid fever, influenza, and yellow fever {yellow fever being the only one that is MANDATORY}. The left arm received hepatitis A. Well, a day later and 500$ short, I have sore arms and an empty wallet. I went to the pharmacy to pick up birth control, a general antibiotic, and my 2 types of oral malaria medicine...and also a razor and some deodorant. The woman said $800. I laughed. She surely was joking...$800 is more than enough for me to LIVE in costa rica for a whole month!! That's rent, food and fun - for ONE full month! Holy christ. Turns out that the pharmacist was NOT joking, my bill was literally $800. SO, I said fuck that. I've been in Costa Rica many times and never have I taken malaria medicine. Cutting that out cut my bill down to $500...still wayyyyyyy more than I wanted to spend but shit, what are you gonna do. Bah.

SO I come.
Fully vaccinated, and slightly broke...
and ready to have the best time of my life!

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