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Friday, October 30, 2009

LIVE from Charlotte International Airport!

The journey begins…

Friday, October 30th, 2009 4:45am

Yesterday Shawn and I drove up to North Jersey in the Ford Fuckus…which is barely holding on. It rattled and shaked, but got us and my 9 foot-double-board-bag to Greek Delights all in one piece. We inhaled a basket of warm pita bread and hummus as we waited for Raksha, Kim and Gina. Shawn treated all of us ladies to a seriously delicious, seriously huge Greek feast and then stuffed-beyond-belief, we all cruised back to Raksha & Kim’s apartment. We unloaded my heavy bags, said goodbye to my man, and then us ladies opened a bottle of wine and started on the chitchat. We ranted and raved and laughed…it has been too long since I’ve hung out with my good north jersian-friends. Rocky and I were deep in conversation about Hinduism, praying, Yoga, chai tea, the Ramayan and more…so she hooked me up with some fabulous incense and an incense holder that her mom had brought back for her from India…MORE stuff to add to my luggage, but obviously something that I absolutely cannot be without! We finally laid down to sleep around 12 midnight, with my alarm set for 3am. I always share the bed with Raksha when I visit and when I went to hop into bed this time I literally slid right off…silk sheets! Holy mackeral – of the two hours I spent “sleeping”, I feel like 80% of that time was really spent on holding on for dear life, afraid I’d fall off the bed again! By 2am I knew that there was no sleep to be had. I was excited and anxious and sad and overwhelmed. Did I pack everything I needed? Did I pack stuff that I didn’t need? I hope that I set my alarm…Did I set my alarm…I better check! And it finally really hit me that I was going. It wasn’t until that moment at 2am that reality began to sink in and I felt a million emotions all at once. I missed my parents already, and Shawn and Maude and my home. I got sad for the reality that I would be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas and my birthday without them. Now, sitting at the airport, I’ve cut the cry-baby crap and I’m back on the adventure horse, but there’s still a twinge of sadness for months spent without my parents. But life goes on, and lucky me, or should I say lucky YOU, I’m traveling with my LAPTOP so I can start rambling on whenever the urge hits, and I won’t have to worry that my pen can’t keep up with my thoughts! Blog Blog Blog…here I come Costa Rica! Rambling and ready as ever.

Friday, October 30th, 2009 8:38 AM – Charlotte International Airport

Yeppers…I’m on the internet, at the airport, and it’s not costing me $5 a minute! I was pretty bent after getting off my flight, finding out that there is a 3hour period between my connecting and the flight to Costa, and then spending $14 @ Starbucks on a water, an Odwalla juice, and a latte. But as I looked around I noticed everyone in the airport on laptops…and I noticed that they were on the INTERNET! It had to be too good to be true, but it’s not…Charlotte’s airport offers “complimentary” wireless. Not only that, but they also have rocking chairs! Hoooray hooooray hoooooray, what better way to kill three hours than on the internet, while rocking back and forth! The flight here was pretty rough and I didn’t get much shut eye. I think that I spent the whole flight here just being baffled at how rude and ignorant people are…and it made me wonder, does traveling bring these qualities out of people, or is this just the attitude of the general population? Anyways…fighting off my wicked ear infection {go figure!} with this $4 packet of Tylenol, and washing it down with my $5 latte…am I in Costa yet?


  1. Silk sheet are probably better than the plastic sheets from Soda Mary Land that dont fit properly and always end up coming off the bed and tangled up in a big tacklebox...

  2. Brett Schroder is one funny ass mofo. And he is right, those fucking sheets never stay on the bed.

  3. hahaha the silk sheets!! LOL. I'm so glad I got to see you before you left, I miss ya already. I really want to go visit you, how does March sound?

  4. My silk sheets rock! LOL my mom also said she was slipping and sliding when she was here this past May. I wanna come to costa!