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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ecuador Itinerary.

No - I don't plan to stick to a stick itinerary...BUT I do believe that it is very important to have somewhat of a game-plan. Pat and I came up with what was important for us to see and experience in Ecuador and came up with this {flexible} "schedule of events":

Sun Nov 1: Arrive in Quito @ 1:45pm

Mon Nov 2: "Dia de los Difuntos"...festivities in Quito.

Tue Nov 3: AMAZON: Cuyabeno Jungle Lodge
Wed Nov 4:
AMAZON: Cuyabeno Jungle Lodge
Thr Nov 5: AMAZON: Cuyabeno Jungle Lodge
Fri Nov 6: AMAZON: Leave Cuyabeno in afternoon, arrive in Latacunga in evening.

Sat Nov 7: LATACUNGA: La Mama Negra Festival.

Sun Nov 8: TENA: white water rafting!!

Mon Nov 9:
Tena to BANOS...spend the day cruising around, soaking in outdoor thermal baths, and maybe hitting up one of their glorious and cheap SPAS.

Tue Nov 10:
BANOS: Horse riding in AM. Bike ride Banos to Puyo. Avenue of Volcanoes.

Wed Nov 11: Beach Town: Montanita.

Thr Nov 12: Beach Town: Salinas

Fri Nov 13: Beach town. Arrive in Guayaquil by nightfall.

Sat Nov 14: Leave from GUAYAQUIL in AM for Galapagos.
************Galapagos Galapagos Galapagos
Sat Nov 21: Arrive in Quito from Galapagos.
*Saturday is the best day for the market in OTAVALO. Take bus from Quito to Otavalo and spend day in the town. Also visit El Lechero, a "magical tree" thats 4km from the market.

Sun Nov 22: Return to Quito via bus in the AM in time to ride bikes {9am to 3pm} when the town streets are blocked off...maybe even hit up the cloud forests in Mindo.

Mon Nov 23: Last day in Ecuador: our flight departs Quito @ 2:30pm

Again, a very loose itinerary - but a fun one none-the-less. My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...15 hours til I'm at Newark Airport!

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