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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bag of Songs.

The other night Christian and I headed up to Philly to be a part of Bag of Songs 3rd Anniversary Show @ JD McGillicuddy's {on 7th, next to the Electric Factory}. There were three other bands on the bill and all in all it was a showcasing of some great musicians! The one band that I REALLY REALLY loved was NYC based TALL TALL TREES. If you have an opportunity to see these guys NOT miss it. The lead singer plays banjo...but banjo like you've never seen it before. He used a pedal, a bow {like violinist use}, and was just an animal. Also, he looked kinda like Sam Beam from Iron & Wine, so I automatically liked him. Ha. Next was the equally talented lead guitarist. Bah. Just shredding. The bass player was spot on and holding everything together so beautiful - and their drummer, *sigh*, their drummer was kick-ass. I've said many times before that a band is only as good as their drummer...they have such a presence and they 'pull' it all together. Just a rocking bluegrass-esque band. You can buy their cd here:, their facebook page is here:, their myspace page:

Tall Tall Trees: from left, guitarist, drummer, banjo/singerman {missing bassist}

Also, be sure to check out Bag of Songs music review site:

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