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Sunday, October 18, 2009

...and more rain.

SO, woke up in NYC - kicked it in Emilia's apartment, then braved the freezing ass cold to eat some dumplings for breakfast. Actually, I ended up having the sesame pancake filled with julienned carrots, cucumber, and cilantro {this was a whopping $1.50} and then an order of fried pork buns {3 to an order, for $1}. So, after my $2.50 breakfast at Vanessa's Dumpings {118 Eldridge St} I walked a few blocks over to ORO Cafe where Em said that I could enjoy a great beverage and a mellow atmosphere. Well, my small latte was $3.50. HA. It was good, but I was a bit thrown off by it costing more than my large plate of {delicious} food @ Vanessa's. I could have gotten a cup of joe for $2, but regular old joe hasn't been cutting it for me lately...I've been lovin the lattes >> side note: dunkin donuts has some pretty kick-ass lattes...and most of the DD's in south jersey are having a special on them, $0.99 for a small latte! << Anyways, met up with Gina @ the American Folk Art Museum around lunchtime and then met up with my beautiful Norwegian, MAJA. Maja is twice my height, blonde and BEAUTIFUL. We met in Dominical, Costa Rica a few years ago and her, Mari {her stunning Norwegian friend whom I also became great friends with}and I lived together for about a month.
Crazy Bob, Maja, Mari and Me. Costa Rica 2007.

Maja is currently residing in NYC, interning in the fashion industry. She's been in town since September and will sticking around until mid-November, when she says she plans to visit me in COSTA RICA!! Woohooo. Love her, Love Costa. SO - her, Gina and I chatted away and sipped some Starbucks {I had a latte, surprise surprise...}. We said our farewells, G and I hopped the train back to Montclair, and then once in town we posted up at Rustica Trattoria for dinner. YUM. We both had pasta which was delightful and we split a bottle of wine that I had brought up from Natali - their BLUEBERRY wine: not too sweet...just right. I hugged Gina fifty times and told her that I loved her a hundred times, then I was on the road and back to South Jersey -- but NOT to my apartment. No, my apartment was underwater. Actually, today is Sunday - the 4th day that we've been out of our apartment and that it has been more of an aquarium than a home. I stopped by yesterday at low tide to gather the last of my things, and I was shocked to see that there was still an inch of water throughout the apartment, with mud on the floor and marsh grass floating around. What a shithole. I definitely won't be staying there again before I leave, and Shawn is currently trying to find somewhere to set up camp until he leaves for Florida in November. As of this moment Shawn, Maude and me are camping out at my parents house! Talk about a full house. Holy christ.

Did I mention that it's freezing out?

I think it's time to head south...only 1.5 more weeks until I'm outta here. Hasta Luego.

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