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Monday, May 4, 2009

Love From Oeste Pat

Just got a SKYPE call from PAT in Oeste!!! I love, love, love Pat, and it was GREAT to finally hear her voice. We've been sending super long emails back and forth, but it's just not the same as chatting. It reminded me of the beautiful paradise, home-away-from-home that I have waiting for me once summer is through...and it's helping me get through this awful, chilly, rainy day that we are having today in Jers. I can't wait to get back to living la Pura Vida with my great friends!! But until then...there's always Skype!!

the oeste ladies

shawnie and miss pat

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  1. About an hour after I talked to you I walked down to the famous Soda Mary and Brett immediately says "Hey Pat, You made the Blog" Blew me away....I told him that I had just spoke with you. YOU are so awesome. I simply love you - Pat