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Saturday, February 21, 2009

the wedding singer.

im a wedding singer.

my friend taylor, whom owns the bar QUE NIVEL here in dominical, asked me if i was available to play for a wedding party this week. i said okay. and it turned out to be amazing. i had met half the people(of the 35 total) in attendance of the wedding on the horseback riding Nauyaca waterfalls tour the day before. Good people...funny and nice and fans of alcohol - whats not to like? anyways, we couldnt track down a PA system or even an amp, so i sat barefoot on the bar and just played my guitar and sang for an hour. it was totally awesome, and i made a 100 bucks. woohooo. pura vida.

today shawn, dad, callen, franklin, and billy went spearfishing today. i took the board out, and lara took a kayak out. her friend crystal was our moral support via the beach. we had a TON of fun, got too much sun, laughed til we cried and the boys caught a bunch of fish and oysters and conchs. woohooo. we are having a big margarita, fish taco fiesta tonight.

mmm costa rica. i love you.

xo cailin


  1. miss you mamacita! Thank you for the b-day crrd! even from costa rica! you are my lady bug lady! miss you tons, things are great here, can't wait to catch up with you! any b-day plans for you??@?@?@

  2. Dear Mami: my computer is back on the mend, we back on da big big blog, pura vida from da main land of esterillos oeste, lookin fo ward to some live music up here in da ghetto...pura kind waves...Brett