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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank God for FOOD.

Thank god for food, otherwise I'd lose my mind...

There is nothing that tears my world apart like a shitty internet connection. I know how a crack addict feels now when he hasn't gotten high in a while, because that is the irritable, desperate feeling that comes over me when i cant get to the internet, or WORSE, i HAVE the internet but its slower than a slug. I spent 2 hours, and over 30 minutes this morning to check one email. ONE email, I didn't even get to reply. And the Skype here doesn't work, even though they advertise it. I love love love simplicity, but I simply cannot go without the internet. I'm a feign, foaming at the mouth. BAH. I want to call my boyfriend, I want to post my photos to facebook, I want to blog every day about all of my adventures, I want to check the swell, and I want to keep in touch!!! Is that SO much to ask?? To upload 5 photos onto facebook today took me almost 15 minutes, 15 WHOLE minutes. That's practically a decade in the internet-world.

Anyways, not to harp on the downside, lets look at the brightside: a delicious oyster feast for dinner!!! In linguini with oil and garlic, and some yummy garlic bread. With the intensity that crap-ass internet connections drag me down, food has the ability to bring me up that much higher.So thank god for my Dad's equal love of eating and his desire to have massive meals every evening. Monunmental feasts. Cocktails too! We've been hitting his famous gin and tonics pretty hard lately, but tonight I'm going to make some homemade margaritas. MmMmM. Food. It makes me so happy. SO happy.

On that note, gotta go - headed to the store for some oranges and limes to make my magnificent, mouth-watering margaritas.


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