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Monday, February 16, 2009

Maracatu Music Mayhem

Lara Pappas is in Dominical. Look out. I found her sitting out front of Tortilla Flats drinking a beer yesterday around 3pm. I met Lara last year during my time in Dominical. She was staying in town for one month, studying spanish at the school in town. She is doing her residency now in California...a pediatric oncologist. Serious shit. Anyways, she swam around with my mom while I surfed, then I waved goodbye to the crew and headed back to Lara's place. She has a friend in town for the first week, a surgeon, Crystal. We showered up and then headed to Tortilla's for a beer. Met up with some old friends from town who I haven't seen since I've gotten back (I've been a hermit up on Bill's hill and haven't gone out once). We caught up, told some good surf stories, and then the girls and I headed to MARACATU for Open Jam Night. I played for about an hour and a half. There were 10 djembes, and a ton of musicians in the house. It was a great time to hear songs that I've been playing for so long sound completely different than they normally do. We played some fooseball, I had two more beers, and was asleep by midnight. Got up at 6am and headed down to the beach...perfect timing -- the crew had just arrived. We had an awesome surf session, ate breakfast at Soda Nanyoa (obviously...where ELSE would we eat!?) and then came back to Bill's. Did some yoga, hung out by the pool, and have been glued to my book (The pillars of the earth) since we got back. We are packing up the car now to head in for our sunset session. Woohooo. Pura Vida.

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