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Thursday, February 19, 2009


It literally translates into DRY ASS.
In Costa Rica, someone saying you have a kula secco is an insult.
In the United States, if someone says you have a fat ass its an insult. very different the cultures are.
I'm proud to say that I don't have a Kula Seco.

Yesterday Mom, Dad, Me, Lara and Lara's friend Crystal all went on the Don Lulu's horsebackriding tour to Nauyaca Waterfalls. I did this last year and it was amazing. This year was even better. Our group of five broke off from the big group and were with Eddie, one of the guides. I laughed til my face hurt, and ran on my horse until I thought that my fat ass was broken. We were fed breakfast and lunch, and half way through the day we hiked down to the Nauyaca falls. It is the biggest waterfall that I have ever seen. I jumped off it. I climbed UP the waterfall and then jumped off. My legs continued to tremble throughout the day. It was terrifying. Amazing, but so scary. I closed my eyes and it felt like a decade before I hit the water. We all had a blast, and Lara got some AMAZING photos. I cannot wait to post them...but due to the crappy connection here it will have to wait until I get back to Esterillos.

Shawn is arriving today. This evening. And leaves on Tuesday. Mom leaves tomorrow, and Dad's moving into town. I cannot believe that Paul and Dad have already been here for almost a month, and that they are leaving soon. Bah. I never want to leave Costa Rica. Well...atleast not anytime soon....

Heres a photo from when Suzanne was visiting and we were at the waterfall in Dominicalito. The one I jumped off of was 4 times this size. BAH.

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