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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm writing from Billy's living room right now. It's 5:30pm on Saturday January 31st. We don't have internet here, but my dad has WordPad on his computer, so I'm typing - saving - and then posting whenever I get back to the internet. It's definitely a bit of a headache getting to the computer in Dominical, that's why the posts have not been as thorough or as frequent as before.

The boys went hunting again for fish today, and again were very successful. Franklin even got some conchs and a ton of oysters. Dad's in the kitchen cooking it all up right now, and I made some homemade salsa and gucamole for my world famous Fish Tacos that we'll have for dinner tonight. Callen and Franklin can't get over Dad's obsession with food. All he talks about is food...everything he see's reminds him of food, and he always has a story about food. Hahahaha. I guess that's who I get it from. We all went surfing this morning for a few hours. I got lit up by jellyfish again. They hate me. I still have welts on the back of my arm from the jellyfish the other day, and now I have welts around my wrist and both of my ankles. Damnit. After that we went to Soda Nanyoa for breakfast, then back to the house. I passed out. Out cold. I'm back on my 5am wake up, starting yoga at 5:15am and going until 6am. Right about when I'm finishing some people start moving and waking up. My body has been beaten to hell lately. Long surf sessions, little sleep, and lots of walking have left every muscle in my body overworked. Today when we got back I slept for over 2 hours. Two hours of sound sleep. When I woke up, everyone was gone -- out hunting for fish. A bit of our crew went out for an evening surf session, but I figured that I'd let my body rest a bit ore, and I opted to start slicing and dicing and prepping for dinner - and joined my dad for one of his world famous gin and tonics of course!!!

Did I mention that my body is sore? Bah. Reading Laird Hamilton's book about his life, his passion and his discipline - and I feel like shit that I'm so outta shape. Gotta get with the program. Laird is a god to me.

That's all for now. I'll update later, and then update you all with my updates once I get to a computer.

Pura Vida.

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, Dominical, 10am:

Just had a great surf session in Dominical. Got a solid 10 for quite a distance, HA take that Dad!!! Going to go back to the house and have a banana leche, surf later, and then tonight Dad, Callen and Billy are going to go hunting for big big big SHRIMP. MmMmM. THey have certainly been the providers around here. WIthout them we would starve to death.

BY the way, watched TOURISTAS last night...BAD IDEA. I didn't sleep a wink.

Write more later. Ciao.


  1. So glad you were able to post a new blog. And dad sent me pics and an email.Hopefully he'll get the Skype working someday because you know how much I love to ya, mom

  2. miss you hunny! your trip sounds amazing as usual and I am def. get a spiritual tan though you! things in Seattle are great though, start a wine class today and got a big surprise form gordon, new cars woohoo!
    love you julisa

  3. ok, so many typos in that last post! Geez! xoxox julisa

  4. hahaha the KEYS STICK HERE!! and i have limited time!!! ps - new cars??