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Friday, February 27, 2009


I am sick. Sick sick sick. Hacking cough, congestion in my head, nose and chest, and total delirium. I have been slamming tea, water, vitamin c, tons of fruit, and chicken soup. I bought this kickass medicine in town for my cough, which works wonders, but unfortunately leaves me feeling exhausted, dizzy, confused, and to put it bluntly...I just feel fucked up. Like I´m high or wasted or something. Bah. So after the discovery that this medicine makes me wacky, I now just save it for the evening and try to just suffer through during the day.

Callen and Franklin made me Hombre Grande tea yesterday. Hombre Grande (BIG MAN) is a tree that grows in costa rica. The bark is chewed on and made into tea for healing just about everything from headaches to stomaches to cancer. With that said, it is THE MOST DISGUSTING thing that you will EVER taste. Your body rejects it, wanting to throw it back up the second it goes down. Unforunately, Hombre Grande doesn´t seem to be doing the trick, so today the boys are hunting and gathering some wild ginger and lemongrass to make me some kind of local healing tea with lemon and honey as well. Hopefully this will cure me. I cannot take much more of this. When I´m sick all I want is my couch, a movie, and some peace and quiet. I´m not going to get any of that while living in Costa Rica, with Lara, at Tortilla Flats.

Shawn left a few days ago, and Dad and Pablito left today. Lara is only in town for 2 more days so I´m going to stay with her until she leaves. Then I´ll be back at Bills? I believe. Who knows, in Costa Rica you cannot make plans.

Hung out with my friend Taylor yesterday who owns the bar QUE NIVEL in town. When she heard it was my birthday coming up this Tuesday...I´ll be 22!!!....she said that we MUST have a party. My friend Brittany, a jersey girl who lives here in town, has a bday on march 5th, so we are having a joint birthday fiesta sponsored by Que Nivel. I cant wait! Live band, cake, and dancing!

Gotta go now...walking to the top of the hill to hit up the bank and buy some cough drops, vicks vapo rub, water, oj, and more vitamin c.

pura vida.

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