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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comida y Mas....

Split pea soup. It's all I've been thinking about for the past week. A can of Campell's green pea soup, with asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, peas, and spinach added... plus some cayenne pepper, ground flaxseed, and some good sea salt. MmMm. Don't know why it's stuck in my mind, and stomach, but they certainly don't have Campell's Green Pea in the Supermercado here.

Food. Comida. We have been puttin down some food at the Casa de Guermillo (that's spanish for "bill"), most of which has been provided by Callen, Dad, and Franklin - our fabulous tico friend, whom we now consider family. Him and Callen have been best friends since the first grade. They have killed things together, surfed together, gotten into trouble together, and beaten the crap out of eachother for many moons now. Franklin has been teaching me some words (halabra's) in spanish (espanol) pertaining to the ocean (mar). Here's some of my new vocabulary:
arresife: reef
ostras: oysters
hilo de horo: jellyfish
cambute: conch
pescador: fisherman

Here are some words and phrases that I have learned to say TO the boys:

NO mas chistes! : No more jokes!
SE AMBLE: Be Nice!
Madure! : Grow up!

And something I've learned to say to make fun of myself for missing the wave of the day is Puta Pendaja which is Cissy Bitch. Hahaha.

Last night we ate a meal fit for a king (rey). It was by far, hands down, the best meal that I've EVER had in Costa Rica and it definitely goes to the top of the list as one of the best meals I've ever had in my 21 years. BAH. DONE - TO - PERFECTION. Started with oysters that were steamed then sauteed with garlic and onions, placed on a thin wheat cracker as appetizers. We had lobster tails, sauteed parrot fish and grouper, curry rice, fried plantains, and fresh tomato slices. Washed it all down with some muy muy perfecto red wine. It was simply the most perfect meal. And the company was just as wonderful. Franklin is starting to feel more comfortable speaking a tad bit of english (we are trying to get him to say something aside from "fuck, motherfucker" which he learned from Dad one night when he drank one-too-many gin and tonics. nice dad...and him and lil paul just wrestle around like two prepubescet teans calling eachother motherfuckers), and we are all still having a grand ol' time butchering the hell out of the beautiful spanish language. Anyways, in true Paul Callahan fashion, he boiled all the lobster heads and carcasses to make a lobster soup which we will have for dinner tonight. We (paul, frankie, callen and i) planned to go to the disco at Roca Verde last night - and I don't think that the huge feast we had worked in our favor. We figured that we would mix it up a bit, maybe stay up later than 730, have a beer or two. Ha. So much for that. I fell asleep by 730, and the boys got ready and then fell asleep around 10pm. So much for a fiesta night...

Woke up this morning and did yoga, then made some coffee for the boys. Figured we should start off the day with another big feast considering there are only a few days when we don't have to leave for surf by 6am. SO, I made scrambled eggs (huevos), bacon (tocineta), rice and beans with chorizo sausage (gallo pinto con chorizo), fried plantains (platanos), and toast.

The boys are loading up the truck now to head down for another kill-fest. I'm not going to go today -- the sun is HOT. Hot hot hot. Super-scorcher. And I don't feel like floating around the rocks on my surfboard melting away as warm shark bait. Started doing the Fluid Yoga for Surfers II DVD the other day, so I think I'll just stay at the house, clean and do some yoga. MmMmM. Maybe have a brownie as a special treat (thanks to Kris, Callen's mom)! Brownie's make me happy. I think I may wash it down with an Iced Vietnamese Coffee. HA! Goddamn, life's good. By the way celebrate my belated birthday when we get back to the States, I want scrapple for breakfast, vietnamese for lunch (iced coffee, green papaya salad), and then a big venison feast for dinner at Mom and Dad's! WOOHOOOO.

BAH. I do think about other things aside from food....hmmm...I think....

Suzanne and Pat are coming to visit soon (my fabulous friends from Esterillos). Today I think. Maybe tomorrow? Not so sure, everyones on Tico Time here. I'm kinda hoping it's just the two of them, that way they can stay at Billy's house with us, but if there are more they will have to stay in town. No matter what, we will have a good time. I'm thinking about taking them on this great horseback riding tour we did last year up to the Nayuca Waterfalls, taking them snorkeling, taking them to SODA NANYOA (of COURSE) and having Callen take us all on a tour/trek of his property (they have an amazing jungle of a backyard, waterfalls included). I miss Suzi!! Loved Soda Mary, but it was nice once I discovered a fellow female friend to hang out with. I'm going to stay with her when I get back to Esterillos. Woohooo.

The boys just left. Dad was yelling his new favorite spanish phrase "El pescado del dia es MIO" ("the fish of the day is mine"). He also uses this phrase when he is bragging about his surfing, which is rather constant "La ola del dia es MIO" ("The wave of the day is mine!"). OH man, he's always good for a laugh.

On that note, I'm going to start my cleaning, yogaing, and brownie-eating! Hopefully I will get into town later to post this. Pura Vida.

ALSO, big thanks to Atenas' OZZIE for hooking me up with some fabbbbuuulous new tunes: Bonobo, Bonnie Prince Billy, Kings of Convenience, The Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Shadow, Erin McKeown, Fujiya and Miyagi, Kalyanji Anandji, The Octopus Project, Ravi Shankar, Ray Barbee and for filling me in with a bunch of Thievery Corporation tunes. BAH. Wonderful. Eargasmic. I love music as much as I love food, which is as much as I love surfing... Which is pretty damn serious...

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  1. Hey babe we miss you too but maybe we see you this week or the one after that, watch out for John Dang, he cooks his tail off...