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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This has been my day: wake up at 5am, yoga til 6am, then a Bialetti of course. By then the rest of the house begins moving around and drinking some drip coffee. We pile into the car, head for a surf, surf for about two hours, then everyone goes to Soda Nanyoa for breakfast (I opt not to eat breakfast, I use that time to go to the internet). The internet is super slow, so I have usually gotten out about one email by the time that everyone is done breakfast...and then they wait around, pacing around me, for about 15 minutes before I finish off my second email. Ha. Then we hop in the car, come home, and get ready to kill things. Dad bought a speargun today, as opposed to the hawaiian sling he had been using, and what a difference it made. Callen had been smoking him in their "world domination fish-offs", but today Dad got the biggest and the first, winning the competition (for those of you who aren't familiar with the callahan fishing rules its based on the FIRST, BIGGEST and MOST). After we kill things, we head back to the house - have a nap, snack, read, listen to music, swim in the pool...whatever. Then we rally for an evening surf session, heading home once the sun sets for some homecooked dinner. Watch a movie then go to bed. I've been missing the movie, instead reading a page or two before passing out (around 730, 8pm). Thus far we have had two big fish frys and one pasta night. Today Franklin caught a ton more 'ostras' (oysters) so tomorrow we are going to slice up the steam oysters and put them into a oil and garlic pasta linguini. MmMmMm. Franklin is a GOD to me, because in my life, I've decided that costa rican oysters, steamed and with a touch of butter and salt is my favorite seafood in the whole world. I told him that I love them, so today he loaded up. I don't participate in "killing things", but I do paddle my board out there to be a part of the crew, and I drag the 'bug bags' (these are the mesh bags that our catch is loaded into) around I offer encouragement. hahaha. I also get a kickass tan while I'm out there.

Today when we got back from killing things, we all went for a nice swim in the pool (john and mary's pool...their house is next door, they aren't here, and they are friends of the family). It was so is freaking HOT HOT HOT. Tonight we are going to fry the fish in PANKO (japanese) breadcrumbs, and serve em up with some coconut steamed rice and sauteed veggies. I've definitely been saving a lot of money since I've been here - no rent (staying at billys), no breakfast (need to go to the internet, and my ride doesn't understand my desire to stay connected via the world wide web), no lunch (i sleep thru it) and dinner is provided by Dad, Callen, and Franklin (well, Paulie did catch one little fish today...).

It's 4pm and Dad is steaming the OSTRAS so the whole house smells like the bottom of the ocean. But damn are they delicious.

Shawn is a wonderful boyfriend and a very understanding, sympathetic man - SO, I am staying in Costa Rica now until March 22nd. Looks like I'll be celebrating my birthday here once again. Once again, without family or close friends. But I'm excited to be staying. Shawnie will come down for his spring break, we will surf some epic waves, then I'll be flying home with him. Back to reality. Need to find a job - so PS...anybody know of any freelance graphic design jobs, or KICK ASS waitressing jobs, like going to make money hand over fist, then LET ME KNOW. Cause lord knows that I am desperate for some mooooolah. Gracias Shawnie! I love you!!

So, that's it for now. I'm typing from Dad's computer, with zero-internet access at Billys house. I'm going to bribe Paulie to drive me into town later so that I can get on the internet and post this. Don't these people here understand that the internet is like AIR for me? I NEED it. Ha. Ciao!!!

Spanish word of the day: "hilo de horo" (eel-o day oar-o) which means Jellyfish...those fuckers....

today is tuesday, and paulie didnt get me in to use the internet last night. everyones breathing down my neck, so i gotta go. sorry to everyone i am losing touch with. the internet isnt as easily accessible as it was in esterillos. xo cailin


  1. rad!! with you staying another month, that means i get to drop in on you a lot more!!

  2. hahahaa yes, you will. ONLY you buddy. hahaha

  3. I want a damn chocolate cake with chocolate icing for my birthday!

  4. we down here fightin off crocodiles...come on...lagarto