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Monday, December 29, 2008

Warm Water & Tortilla's

Warm Water & Tortillas
Esterillos, Costa RIca 3pm, dec 29th

After our breakfast of Cam and Eggs, I laid down and read more of my book, Water for Elephants. I bought it on the second leg of my flight to Costa, and I'm almost finished it already. It's being told by Jacob, who is now 90 (or 93, he's not sure) living in an old folks home, reflecting on his past when he worked in the circus. Its delightful in its description, a captivating story that you cant help to feel connected with. Very good - I fully recommend. I love reading in Costa...there are no distractions.

After that I joined in the "Soda Mary's Social Club" (aka the front porch...brett, adam, noah, cam and the lovely pat). We chatted, laughed and talked trash. Then Shawnee and I ventured down to the beach. He went snorkeling with the spear gun (visibility was awful though) and I cruised the beach, checking out this foreign town, and swam around. Met back up with Shawn and we just floated in the small pools of very hot water that have collected around the reef. We came home and napped. For almost 2 hours. Sound sleep. I needed it...I had a difficult time sleeping last night, still too excited to sleep. Woke up and made some lunch. I fried an egg and put it in a tortilla with avocado, black bean puree, some onion, and tomatoe. Shawn made some kind of other tortilla. Everything in tortillas! I love it!! We scarfed them down, still bleary eyed from our nap, and then I made some tea and decided to blog!! It's a little after 3pm as I write this, and I believe that we are getting ready to head down to the beach soon for a sunset session with the Soda Marys' crew. All of the winter surfing and going to the gym STILL hasn't prepped me for surfing - I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't exhausted, spent, aching all over. Another week though and I will be in the groove. Today is Adam's birthday, one of the Texas guys that's been living/working in costa for years. We are going to go out to one of the bars for some celebratory drinks. I'm gonna take it easy though, I definitely need my rest for tomorrow's session. I hope that all is well on the east coast.

Pura Vida.

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  1. miss you, costa rica sounds amazing as usual. I need a little sunshine in my life, rain rain rain here! and yesterday it was pouring and my wipers stopped working on the freeway. bah! im still working out the repair, tow truck and cab total...not pretty! wish you were here, no wait wish i was there, xoxoxo julisa