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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mahi, Curry and Small Waves

Mahi, Curry and Small Waves: Day 3
Esterillos, Costa Rica 6:30pm dec 30th

Today was another great day. Woke up early and surfed, came home, ate some breakfast, and played Dominoes. Apparently Cam is a world domination domino champ - he kicked our asses. Then I headed down the beach to get some bronze on my pale ass. I brought my book (Water For Elephants) with me and finished it. SO wonderful. SO charming. Great Great Great! I'm so sad that I read it so quickly and it's over. I'm definitely going to check out other books by Sara. Shawn and Noah met me down the beach and headed out with snorkels, fins and spear guns. I swam. I had loaded up, LOADED UP, on sunscreen, but still ended up with a shoobie burn. Hopefully it will fade by tomorrow. Came home and took a power nap, then Shawn and I headed out front here in Esterillo's for a surf. It was only about waist high but it was clean, fun and long. One of the locals on the beach, who is friends with Brett (the guy we are staying with), got some video of us surfing - so she is going to send it to us! We stayed in the water til the sunset, then came back, played some dominoes and now we are waiting for dinner to be finished. It smells delicious so I gotta go...

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