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Monday, December 8, 2008

I love and I thought that I would share it with all of you. It is the PERFECT place to get that PERFECT gift for your mom, dad, grandma, best friend, coworker, yoga instructor, etc,. Etsy is your place to "Buy & Sell All Things Homemade". I love Christmas - eggnog, parties, food, christmas lights, the decorated tree, cookies, family parties...I love it all. I love giving, and I love receiving, though I'm getting tired of opening another set from Bath & Body Works, or a sweater that I will return. I am not ungrateful, I just really dislike "thoughtless" gifts. If you are an offender, giving people something that will probably sit in the back of their closet and collect dust - OR if you are just a thoughtful shopper searching for that perfect gift - I encourage you to discover Etsy. Plus, you are supporting artists...getting handmade, quality gifts for the same price you'd pay for something at Macy's Department Store. You only need to know one thing about your gift recipient, and type that into the search bar on Etsy. All you know about your mother's cousin Jim is that he likes bacon?
A bacon notebook. $5

Glass Pig Magnets $10

Original Pig Artwork. $13

You need to buy something for your sister, and she's really into a whole retro, pin-up girl phase right now.

For $160, you send a photo to this woman and she paints you in a pin-upesque manner. The commission takes 2 weeks.
Red Umbrella Pin-up Earrings $5

Hand Embroidered, Pin-up Tote $25

Your coworker has a thing for fish (goldfish necklace, $17):

Your niece is a rockstar (koi leather guitar strap, $120):

And your grandma doesn't like to leave home without her Whiskey (personalized flask $40):

That's right people, Etsy's got it all. Etsy's Community is made of thousands of Etsy members with a love for handmade. So check it out. It's all about craftsmanship, and this website is not lacking at all. They sell: accessories, art, bags & purses, bath & beauty, books & zines, candles, ceramics & pottery, clothing, crochet, furniture, glass, housewares, jewelry, music, papergoods, plants & edibles, quilts, woodworking, and more!! And all 100% original!

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  1. Just ordered a gift for myself from Etsy! I like chopstixwaits stuff a whole bunch!