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Monday, December 29, 2008

COSTA RICA, days 1 & 2

And so it's begun...
Newark, NJ 6:43 am, dec 28th:

The journey has begun. I'm in the Newark Intl Airport sitting in Dick Clark's American Bandstand Cafe eatting some overpriced, unethusiastic breakfast and sipping some tea from a styrafoam cup.

Getting here was a breeze. Stayed at my old roomates place, with my old roomate Rocky, in North Jersey. Woke up at 4:30am, hopped a shower, then by 5am Rocky and I were trying to load my obnoxiously large 10 foot boardbad into her Nissan Extera. My dad hooked me up with some rope and a little knot lesson: the rabbit hops over the log, into the hole, then comes back around. I'm a master knotswoman. Boom. We arrived at newark airport in 20min. I checked in, went through security and arrived at my gate 20 minutes after that which brings me to my mediocre meal, trying to kill the 2 hours I have until I board. Ha. I've never had an airport adventure go so smoothly and so quickly. The travel Gods must be happy with me. Also, USAirways only nailed me for $100 for my big board bag. More money for fish tacos now!

I'm not in Costa yet but I feel like I'm already there. I feel "tico time" setting in, and these flip flops are feeling all too familiar and fabulous. Pura Vida.

Shoes: Those Goddamn Sneakers
Newark, NJ 7:30am, dec 18th:
I hate shoes. Especially sneakers. ESPECIALLY sneakers. It takes everything inside of my being to lace up those shitty uncomfortable terrors everyday at the gym. If I could work out in my uggs, or preferably my bare feet, I would be a happy camper. But I cant. Don't think this is one of my mad rambles, this is tying into a story about what I packed, or didn't for that matter. My luggage includes a few skirts, shorts, tank tops, towels, wax, 3 pairs of flip flops, and 25 bathingsuits...and I forgot sneakers. I {subconciously} forgot sneakers. I'm going to try and bribe my dad into bringing them down for me when he heads south in Feb - I think he'll do it, I'm his favorite daughter...barefeet and all.

Tico Time
Esterillos, Costa Rica 9:30pm, dec 28th:
Arrived in costa about an hour and a half late. Shawn got to the airport about an hour and a half before my scheduled arrival time. Figures. Ha. I went through immigration, then hauled my 10 foot boardbag, 30lb duffel bag, guitar, and purse an agonizing, extremely hot 30 yards to the exit. Shawnee was there, dripping in sweat, waiting for me. We packied up and headed south. I rinsed off then we went to dinner at a cute place down the street with some people that stay at the same place we are. A couple from Switzerland (Nico and Michelle), Noah from Florida and John from North Carolina. They're all living in Costa Rica, a life on tico time.

I don't know if you've heard, but soup in costa is AMAZING. Its spiced to perfection and served with an egg ,and rice on the side. SO delectable and just enough. SO I had some Sopa NEgra, drank some agua, then retreated back to the casa. Going to bed to wake up @ 5am for surf. Heading to hermosa. Buenos Noches.

Surf and Sun, Day 2
Esterillos, Costa RIca, 12:13pm dec 29th:

Went surfing with Cam, Noah, and Shawn in hermosa. It was about chest high and clean. Kinda few and far between but thats because the swell is dropping. Some more swell should fill in tomorrow. So far, so good. Shawns cooking me some grub, so I gotta go now. Ciao.

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