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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coffee.Comedy with Christian and Cailin

Thanks to everyone who came out the other night to my show at Coffee.Comedy in Sea Isle City. It was a great turn-out, great vibes, and a great audience, making for a FABULOUS show. It filled up so much that there was standing room ONLY! There were about 50 people who came out, and it truly made it a memorable evening.

I've decided that I'm a coffee shop, small venue kinda gal. I think I'm done with playing bars (aside from our last show @ the Trinity Pub, December 26th @ 9pm). The show on Thursday night was a $5 door charge, but once you were in it was BYOB - which saves the listeners a ton of money, and saves me my ego, because people are actually sitting down listening instead of walking back and forth to the bar. The lights were dimmed, candles were lit, and there was silence. It was an amazing show-- this show and our show from The Hinge in Philly being tied for the best show we've ever had. I was really bummed that Sven had to work, but had we had the pleasure of the crazy man on his djembe - the vibe would have been very different overall. I really enjoyed the one on one I had with Christian on stage. Peaceful, enjoyable and beautiful. A big thanks to the owners, Megan and Rachel who opened up Coffee.Comedy JUST for our show. They got there hours early to decorate and stayed hours late to clean up. The coffee was delicious, and the complimentary desserts were fantastic. Thanks Meg and Rach.

To keep in interesting, and captivating I wrote two set lists. Each set list went cover song, original song, cover song, original song, etc., - and I tried vary the tempos of the songs as well - not too many slow songs in a row. I'm still, to this very moment, almost 'tripping out' (for lack of a better term) on how awesome the audience was. They were really into the music.

My mom played Papparazzi and tried to snap a photo of every person, group, couple that came in. You can view her photos here:

Again, THANKS to everyone who came out - I can't think of a better way, or a better group of people, to spend my Holiday's with!


  1. Mad midget rambler,

    I shouted out for 'revelator' at your last show. I know few musicians sway from their set list, so, I think you should add this one next time........oh, did I say "next time". Bah!,that catch tune is now caught in my head.

    I wish I could get some green-p around here, rice and beans only. Fine by me, as long as I don't have to eat p-butter and apples.

    Anway, hope you are well.

    You are short and small.

    "ur buddy", na, "ur pal"!