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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


5am: Coffee Time
Esterillos, Costa Rica 5am, dec 31:

It's 5am. I'm having coffee, from my BIALETTI of course. It travels well and now I never have to worry about having a bad cup of cafe. Feeling a bit off this morning. I didn't sleep too well, and neither did Shawn. We put the fan on us to cool us down and keep the mosquitoes off. Well, I like that it keeps the mosquitoes off, but I'm FREEZING at night. I know, laugh. But I'm fuckin cold!! Shawn sleeps in shorts and maybe with a sheet and I sleep in the only warm clothes I have - sweats and a long sleeve shirt, then I bundle up with a towel. Also, I got a little sick last night. Our dinner that started out Cam, Shawn and I...then later adding Noah, then became a dinner party - with Pat, Ben, Olivia, Jody, Brett, and friends joining as well. I'm always down for a dinner party, don't get me wrong- I love the group gatherings, sometimes it's nice to just have a few though. Also, I would have liked Cam or I to cook. Oh well. Now I know. I got sick after dinner - and once somethings in my stomach, it never leaves- So it was surprising, and gross, and left me feeling icky. It's the first time I've ever gotten sick from eating in Costa Rica - and it was a homemade meal! I think that we are going to go and surf Bejuco again today. Only a few more days of small waves and then this weekend a big 6-9' swell is pushing in. I can't wait! Also, tonight is the party - New Year's Eve @ the big house on the hill! It's animal themed - and I'm going as a peacock!!

As of now I think that the plan is to head down to Dominical on Jan 5th (monday). Meet up with Billy Herr for a few days and then Shawn's gotta go back to the (COLD) states.

Cam just got back and said that it is FLAT. I don't know how he can see anything, it's still pitch black out - but I never question the wisdom of Cam. ha. Write more later.

...and remember - "The best plan is to have no plan at all".

Pura Vida.

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  1. girl you need a camera.. all this writing and no pics!!

    stay sick